Hey wussup hello. Over ten years ago, I asked myself why coconuts have cholesterol. I’m finally going to give Tiny Jac peace of mind.

Ok, so what I think happened here is that someone might’ve said coconuts are bad for your cholesterol and Tiny Jac interpreted that as coconuts have cholesterol. They don’t. I’m not the only one with a weird story. My friend Joshua knew someone who thought that mayo was actually called cholesterol. We’re 90s kids. Cholesterol was a myth back then.

She (I) went on to to ask (myself) what cholesterol is. So for those of you who don’t know and likely don’t care, cholesterol is “a type of fat found in your blood.” This website for children says, “You need cholesterol to help your brain, skin, and other organs do their jobs.” These experts are suggesting 60 minutes of exercise a day which I did not know and come in grossly under the expectation.

On another note, I came down with a cold almost moments after I posted last week, so needless to say, I didn’t go dancing. I didn’t do much of anything over the weekend except watch Buffy reruns and feel sorry for myself. But good news! I’ve had a friend agree to do art for the Damsel story! Woop! Once things get a little more official I’m post details, but I’m very excited to see how it turns out. Now I just need help coming up with a name. HELP ME COME UP WITH A NAME.

Thank you so much to those who sent me new songs to listen to.

An interpretive piece on the alt-rock band Sugarcult. 12-27-05

My favorite this week wasn’t even rock and roll, so now I feel like a liar, but is the Canadian hip-hop artist Tasha the Amazon. I was very… shall I say… high… when I listened to her and the combined sounds are so satisfying. Dig it if you have not done so.

I also got a killer recommendation from my friend Amanda Willis for the band Ex Hex. Rock and roll girl band who gets lumped in with other bands like Sleater Kinney. Kinda throwback-y, but very groovy stuff.

Feel free to stumble on more rocknroll and just pass it my way. I share it with my Dad, so it really keeps our relationship active. Thanks in layers.

I need to get something off my chest. It has come to my attention that I don’t understand weed at all. I’ve been telling EVERYONE in New York that an 1/8 of weed is $12 in Oregon. I’ve been saying that because this entire time… all of my 20s I thought an eighth was a gram. Dead fucking serious. That’s privilege, dude (and like basic stupidity). In Oregon, I just have to grunt and point at a lump of weed and someone will sell it to me for whatever price is on the sticker. Shout out to the aforementioned Joshua for helping me see the error of my ways, and I apologize to anyone who believed me. I suppose in that way we’re both suckers.

This week’s adventures start now: Tonight I’m going on a (2nd) date to a place called Black Mountain Wine House in Gowanus. I was told it looks like a cozy French cottage. We’ll see. I just need wine asap.

Saturday will be weird. I was asked to join my client’s Casino Night. Which I love except it’s in Montclair, NJ (a cool 2 hours away by train) and starts at 7pm. Getting a date for this will be a teeny bit harder. Also getting a train home will be harder. Getting home at all will be hard. Excited for free wine.

Ikea and Myles testing out how he’d look on each sofa.

Sunday is my beautiful baby dew drop Myles’ birthday. Follow me on Instagram for all the cute throwback pictures in his honor.

The rest of the week will involve working on the art outline for the story, and doing some drawing for myself for literally no reason other than to cross it off my list. So there’s that.

I will also be taking on a weird new task. It’s good this is starting now. It’ll prep us for future journals.

I grew up in a Christian household. I went to church every Sunday, went to church camp, was a part of the youth group for my school and both of my parents were youth pastors most of my life. I’m currently not a religious person, and I’m treading lightly because my mom reads this blog (I love you, you’re an angel).

In journal one I wrote out a few prayers. Or rather, I was praying in written form. I really believed in something, I really felt what I was saying, and I think there’s value in that habit. However, as I said, I’m not religious. I even tried to pray just, like, up at my ceiling the other day, but I’ve come so far in my life as a woman. Too far, actually, to devote any faith I could possibly muster to a man in the sky who is, like, super hands off but also requires devotion for what I think is the award of eternal peace. Also, have you read the Bible? (The most popular answer to that question is “no”). It’s treatment of women is comparable to Greek Mythology (obviously) and also to Hollywood.

Anyway, Pastor’s daughter. I’ve got a very specific perspective but the point is though I will not be praying this week to a Dude I’m going to practice the act of spiritual prayer. I do believe that if you put out good intentions and good energy, you will then begin to act as though your intentions and your energy are both good. Which harms no one.

Phew. I hope I don’t get grounded for that. And honestly, I get HEAVY into Christianity and reading the Bible and shit all the way up through my seventh journal. So this is a gentle intro to what will eventually be me spewing negativity about the oldest work of fiction (and even a lil sci-fi) still in print. Now here’s a video of N’SYNC’s God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You to lighten the mood:

Ok I don’t remember JC being this hot…

Wish me luck and HELP ME COME UP WITH A NAME.

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