Hi. It’s me, Jac. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My life is a disaster so I’m gonna lean into it and do the weird shit I’ve always wanted to do. ThanksforbeinghereIloveyou.


11:24pm New Years Eve

New Years Resolutions:

2. Get a job

Breaking news: I finally got a job. I’m the Fundraising Specialist for AIDS Walk New York coming up in May. I’m excited for the newness and totally ready to not be new cause being new is the worst. It’s a contract job, so I’ll be back to full-time maxin’ on June 1st.

Down to business…

Test Icicles. I left a note for myself to listen to a band that SHS resident cool girl Audrey Jordan listened to. Or said she listened to. Or mentioned in passing. Anyway I heard about it from her. Screamy stuff with, like, quirks and shit. It’s baaaaad, friends. A lot of the songs kinda disintegrate into long winded screams and smashing on instruments (in an untalented way, not in a jam band way). Their second album on Spotify is just remixes, which is not a thing a band like this needs. It was actually terrible. I listened to it one time through, barely, and may be experiencing weird side effects. If you have enemies, play them Circle. Square. Triangle Chrome Hoof Remix. They’ll turn to dust like the vampires in Buffy. I’m dreaming of the journals when I got into rock n roll and left myself notes to listen to Chuck Berry and Lita Ford.

Cold Spring, NY. The perfect place to hide a body.

On Sunday, my roommate Myles and I took an hour and a half train out to Cold Spring, New York for a sunny hike. We went into one of the many antique stores in the tiny strip of the downtown area. I purchased a ring and Gary, the gentleman at the store told me all the rings there were good luck (from 12 minutes after I put it on). However, if I were to tragically die, the $8.66 I paid for the ring would be returned to Myles. Isn’t that a daisy?

The hike was hard because like everyone going up the mountain that day, “I’m really out of shape.” Myles drifted up like a beautiful fairy, but I sounded like a prize hog that was too big to move itself anymore. Regardless, it was nice to be in some creepy, barren woods.

If you need a nice 20 minutes walk, explore the entire town of City Island

Speaking of an hour and a half away, I went to City Island on Tuesday. You remember City Island, the tiny little slice right off of the Bronx. I went after my interview and got there around 5pm. I walked from the tip, down the main road. Most side streets were dead ends because the main strip is pretty much it. I went to each side of the island to see the views (sometimes you can stand on one side and see the water on the opposite side of the island). Then went into City Island Diner for some coffee and eggs. As I was taking my first bite I saw the “Cash Only” sign. PSA to anyone who doesn’t know this (me): ALWAYS HAVE CASH. Half the places in all of NYC and surrounding boroughs are cash only. I had enough in change to cover all but 15 cents of my check. Sorry lady who still insisted on giving me a free refill of coffee. You were lovely.

Thanks to the surprisingly large number of you who reached out to give my Damsel story a read through. I appreciate all of you very much. Doing some revisions and then hope to get some artwork involved. Will keep you posted.

Yes, those are hands. Technically, they’re my hands.

I also gave drawing a shot this week. Hands aren’t my specialty. Follow my Instagram to see the projects I’m trying and to keep up with whatever dumb stuff I’m doing at any given moment.

This week I’ll be getting back into the flow of the 9-6 life, so it’ll be a gentle adventure week. I’ll be doing some research for those of you curious about the cholesterol in coconuts (again, there is no cholesterol in coconuts), will be checking out a gay flea market cause duh. And you know what? I might go dancing cause I’m rather liking Tiny Jac’s idea of not worrying and making fun memories. It doesn’t have to be all about researching questions that aren’t really worth asking or getting full-time gigs.

I would also like to turn to you, dear readers, for some new song suggestions! I like classic rocknrollll and would love to know your favorite lesser known or newer songs to take out for a spin.

Wish me luck and send me some song lovin’.