I just quit a job I hated. It really wasn’t a terrible job, I’m just moody and impulsive and hope it adds to my charm. I was bored of wiping the dribble from the chins of capable adults and wanted to find something that I gave a shit about.

When I sat with my journal to hash out what I was truly interested in, I got nothing. I couldn’t think of a single thing that still inspired me. I literally used to be inspired by the color pink. I used to love cemeteries and learning tough new tricks with a butterfly knife. Creepy old trees used to do it for me.

I’ve recorded fifteen years of my life in, thus far, 59 journals. Years worth of all the things I wanted to be, things I wanted to do and see. I’ve left myself advice, to-dos and a string of hobbies and interests that I never had a chance to try out.

So I started peaking through old volumes and seeing loads of shit I’ve always wanted to do written in each journal. I remembered that the reason I left myself lists all these years, left myself notes from past me, was for times just like this.

Past Jac used to think that if I left lists of things for myself to do, I’d never get bored. If I always had something to turn my attention to when I was confused or unsure, I’d never be lost. Well if this isn’t the time for that absurd theory to be tested…

Starting at Volume One, I’m gonna go through my journals and relive all my greatest hits. I’m going to get into the cool (Magic the Gathering) and regrettable (Read the Divergent series) things I thought I wanted at different points of my life, and maybe revisit career paths I was interested in (prison guard is still 60% on the table).

I’ll be posting weekly about new projects I’m testing out, updates on how previous projects and advice has been going, and also try to connect with communities in the different areas of interest I’ll be crashing into.

So please read. It feeds my ego and also you may be the person I need to help me figure out how to get back into doing still life art with charcoal (there has to be a more elegant way of describing that). And can someone help a bitch out with blogging? My Myspace page looked better than this…

Also, just to get us going, here’s who we’re taking the lead from (yes, it’s me holding a barbie to the backdrop of Orlando Bloom):

2nd picture by my sister-in-law Alisha Tharpe, 3rd picture shot on disposable by Joshua Yandell.

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