Welcome to JACLAND.

“Ok quickly because I want to go to bed, & I have a side ache, I’m gonna tell ya a few things.” – V3

Inside you’ll find all the ideas and desires that have come through my life.

I’m Jac, an employee here. I work for Tiny Jac – 16 year old me. TJ never shied away from even a whimsical, momentary desire. She didn’t think the constraints of money, time, education should stop her from doing all the things she’s ever wanted to do. She longed to experience everything life had to offer and she wrote each thought down her whole life.

TJ, Volume 32006, NYC

Within 64 volumes of journals, TJ wrote every dream she ever had. All the things she wanted to learn, the people she wanted to be, hobbies she wanted to pick up, places she wanted to go. Nothing was off limits.

I, Now Jac, strive to bring to life all the things she ever thought up. I, 30 years old, traveling through Europe with a massive backpack, seek to try all the things I’ve pondered, or even just wondered about. I’m going back through each journal and bringing to life the dreams, hobbies, ideas and whims that have come and gone with every new version of myself, checking them off one by one.

We’re currently in the year 2006 living in fear of Volume 3’s ambitious list of projects. Tiny Jac was 16, on her first trip to NYC with the company of her little brother. She had big dreams, including; going back to school, being the Editor-in Chief of Vogue Magazine, and traveling through the Bermuda Triangle to name a few.

What’s my dream for this place? To create space for you to indulge in all your ideas. It’s too easy to let life happen to you, but imagine how beautiful the world would be if we were given space to truly be who we desire to be at every regeneration. I want people to connect from all over the world, doing the things they’re interested in or passionate about, helping bridge educational gaps or introduce people to ideas they’ve never heard of. My dream is to be taught by a new person every day, and to share those teachings with you. My dream is that each week, you feel compelled to just try the weekly weird with me.

So, inside JACLAND I encourage you to touch, to take, to try. I hope you graze fingertips with another whose attention was caught by the same twinkles in your eye. I may procure the belongings, the memories of JACLAND, but I have no desire to covet or keep them. I aim to share my findings with those most curious hearts. Maybe it’ll inspire you to try your own little weirds. Maybe you’ll try one along with me, and learn something new. The strange, the classy and everyone in between are welcome here.

The rules?
Be honest with yourself.
No judgement. Not of others, not of yourself, lest you never truly get to understand your desires or what you’re capable of.

Join me every Monday as I examine another part of Tiny Jac’s experience, delve deeper into the beauty and pain of being alive and make miracles happen to cross these projects off my list. Feel free to contribute, that’s the whole point. Teach me the thing you’re great at. Give advice, or join me out in the world. I’m around.

Not interested in, say, learning morse code? Maybe the travel section is more for you. I’ll provide advice for planning and prepping for large trips, the reality of getting around, tips to stay healthy while couch surfing and more.

No more hiding the things that truly make you feel warm, the things that would make you whole, the things that other people do that you’re afraid you’re not cut out for.

We are all able and nothing is off limits.
Please, come in.