(This is a play on the really weird 1974 Czech movie Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. Watch only if you rate your attention span and patience at a full 100%. Also my week was nothing like hers. I think her Grandma is dating the devil, who father’d a child that’s her brother, who she winds up falling in love with. I think. Genuinely don’t know what’s going on in that movie).

Host a board game night. We brought out Clue and set it up so cutely between the nut mix and the crackers and cheese. None of us remembered how to play, so about every 75 seconds someone would ask a question none of us knew how to answer. By the end of the game, my mom won (TO NO ONE’S SURPRISE) and my dad had been playing wrong the whole time (ALL OF THIS CHECKS OUT). We laughed a lot, and that’s pretty cool.

It was over 60 degrees inland, so we got in the car and drove to Florence, Oregon, about an hour away. I cannot express this to you enough: Oregon is the most beautiful place on the planet. I love an old city, I love a tiny island but nothing beats the moss covered forests and the fine sands of Oregon. Damn.
We drove around for a time trying to find a place to park. As it turns out, there’s a global pandemic going on. All the parks and even parking lots were closed and blocked off. But we’re MacDonald’s and we’re nothing if not 50% annoying and 50% genius, so we found a place and went down to the beach anyway.
My parents are cool to hang out with because we hardly said 10 words to each other the whole day, and when it was all over, pretty much in a “jinx” scenario we all said, “Damn. That was a nice day.”

1000 piece puzzle. Listen, I don’t know what it is, but playing Yahtzee or doing a puzzle with my mom is some of the most relaxing shit in the world. We literally talk about nothing, but we talk the entire time. It’s great. It did, however, take us the whole entire rest of the week to work on it. It’s not even finished yet. My spine is permanently curved from hovering and my mom is now blind from squinting at the picture on the box.

Family Movie Night. My mom had been asking me to watch the movie The Great Debaters for a week. I don’t love serious movies, and honestly don’t watch an awful lot of movies in general, so I tend to go for funny or lighthearted. My parents, however, have seen every movie that’s ever happened in this reality and even some from other planets I think. So we finally watched The Great Debaters and I’m so glad we did. It was a great flick and really important and scary and beautiful. Lots of things. Watch the movie.

I wrote letters! I highly suggest this if you need to pass a few minutes in our 100 Days of Solitude. Though, so many people replied to my instagram call for letters that it took me more than just today to write the letters. It actually took me days. I had to take the photo down so more people wouldn’t ask for letters. Sorry, love you all but I wound up writing the same things in every single one of your letters. Don’t worry though, I added individual pizzazz and maybe a unique drawing in each of them.

I made a quiche today. I have been talking about it forever, and an old friend John Tufts sent me a recipe a year ago that I finally tried. All things considered, it’s still ranks on the “edible” list, but we used a frozen crust so it tastes like frozen crust. Lesson learned.

I ran out of ideas and was very lazy, so I painted my nails. And now I’m adorable, so it’s still a win.

What did you do this week? Should I try it? Cause I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for these things? Leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram.

Also, unrelated/related, I have a message page I can get set up so people can send me messages/suggestions through this website, but it’s a little broken and I don’t know how to fix it. Are you tech/website savvy and wanna help me out so everyone can send me all their thoughts?

Well, wish me luck this coming week. It’s gonna be in the 80s in Oregon and I’m both thrilled and frightened. Also, Happy Mothers Day to all those mama’s who raised kids to become people. It’s a thankless job except for this one day, so soak it up <3<3

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