Myrna Mac’s Magical Garden

Well the weather has been a mixed bag this week and made it less ideal for gardening conditions. Also, my mother wakes up at very-early-in-the-morning time to do her gardening, so she’s usually done with everything before I wake up.

Another factor is the laziness. Is anyone else being hit with the laziness? I don’t like the laziness. It means that even when I’m presented with options of things to do that’ll make me feel better, I’m too lazy to spend the energy, so I just keep not doing anything and feeling sorry for myself.

That was my experience with gardening this week. Though I did get out there a (very) little, and I really do enjoy it. Digging in the dirt makes me feel cool, and seeing things grow and taking care of things is a really rewarding experience. It’ll be a few short weeks before all this stuff starts getting full of flowers and greenery, and then a few months and we’ll have fresh everything.

I live here now so who knows, maybe I’ll start trying to wake up at still-dark-outside time to help my mom in the mornings. I’m certainly not busy.

So. How’s everyone doing?

I’m bleh, but not bad. I’m having a hard time settling down in this new life, though it hasn’t been a full week yet. I love my parents and I think we’re having a good time together, but I can’t help but feel like I’m living in someone else’s life while we all go through this. I left my real, true life back in Brighton and now I’m kinda scrunching into a new shape so I can fit in this life.

Me in my gardening hat being ignored by my brother in French

It’ll take just a little while longer to really get the hang of this, and until then I’m surrounded by limbos, but hey, if I can survive (insert any of the weird and unlikely things I’ve lived through in my life) I can get through this. It’ll be really interesting and dare I say fun(?) to see what comes next. And when.

Wild times, friends.

Anyway, I’ll keep gardening, but for the coming week, I thought it would be fun to just get into my “go, do, and have fun” things to pass each day. I’ve got a list of hundreds of fun little projects or even just things to do in an afternoon that I can do alone, with my parents, or friends via video chat.

Follow me on Instagram for the daily projects, call me, beep me if you want to get involved. It’s high time at least one day of the week looks different than the rest, no? I’m going to try and convince my parents to have a board game night tonight (which is, like, only slightly different than the card game nights we have every night).

Side note, if you’re looking for new music to listen to, I recommend Miles Davis’ Volume 2 album from 1953. It’s a good cooking album (it’s only six songs, under 30 minutes of listening/cooking). You can find it in playlists on Spotify. “I waited for you” makes me cry for memories I never made. Enjoy.

Wish me luck and join me this week. I’m bored, you’re bored, it could be fun.

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