Well hello. Welcome. This is the Travel page in JACLAND.

The week of my 29th birthday I did acid and had a That’s so Raven moment where I saw my future and it was of me traveling Europe for a year.

I’m now doing that thing. I’ve already been to Spain, France, Germany and the UK. I intend to go many, many more places before this year is over (with over 30 locations pulled from a list I amassed over two decades). 

I saved and planned for a year. The planning was necessary for legalities and logistics, but provided very little for the day to day of travel.

Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage, London

Over the course of eleven months, I saved just over $10,000 – something I’ll write a post on at some point. It’s by no means enough money for a year, but it’s certainly a good start.

I’m out here, learning as I go, trying to make sense of my new normal. Though travel, seeing the world, meeting people and learning about everything is the point, this is my full time life now. 

That’s where the good bits are. In the creative ways you learn to shower in hostels, carving out time to work on projects whilst meeting so many people you have very little time alone. The mental prep you do each and every single time you put that massive backpack back on your body for a day to get from one country to another. It’s all quite magical, but goes by rather quickly and unromantically if you let it.

Come around from time to time to find articles about eating healthy while Couch Surfing, or cooking meals in the closet kitchens of Victorian-style hostels. 

Find free things to do with your time in the UK in winter, navigating self care/body care in non-English speaking countries and more. I have no intention of renting a drone to get a sprawling beach view. I’m here to provide the reality and sometimes difficulty of travel, because it’s the best problem to have. 

Beware, if you try it out you may never want to go home.

Make a goal. Share it with me. Let me help you get there. Nothing is off limits.