Like, really tired.

Anyway, on Friday night I got a tattoo. I’m so pumped about it. It just makes me want my sleeve now now now. Which will happen, but every time I plan a tattoo I notice I have less and less space for it. So it’ll be bittersweet when I’m all done up. For now I’ll just enjoy what I’ve got.

Ft. my faded-ass snake

I worked 12+ hours a day this week and I feel ill and v v sleepy, but in two days the walk is upon us. Please donate. It’s actually a good cause and even just $15 is helpful and we’re accepting donations all the way through June 6th.

Team Hyacinth is behind in funds raised, but we’re not giving up. Today we’re at Fatto Americano all day collecting donations and eating pizza. The establishment has agreed to donate 10% of all sales to Team Hyacinth from 11am to 2am tomorrow. So if you’re in New Brunswick and you’re hungry, eat for a good cause. Plus I’ll be there and pizza is my favorite and it’ll almost be like I’m not working even though I’m working so I might be in a good mood.

I’ve started a new Instagram account for JACLAND per the advice from my life guru Page Neal. From her advice I’ll also being making changes to the format of the blog little by little. Once AIDS Walk is over I’ll be able to pick up a new hard hitting project to re-energize the new changes coming my way. Speaking of which, I’ve been hired to work for AIDS Walk San Francisco in July. So I’m not done being annoyingdonate.

I dunno the specifics yet but for at least a couple weeks I’ll be working from SF. Yay having a job!

I won’t have time for much else this week. It’s back to regular work hours on Monday, thank God but also help me. After work on Thursday I fly to Nashville to see Cousin Elias. More on that when it’s happening, yeah?

So wish me luck this week and DONATE TO MY PAGE, COME ONNNNN.