My Will

Ok, so this is THE cutest thing I’ve ever done as a human. I believe at age 14 I learned what a Last Will and Testament is.


So mom, you lucky dog, you get anything of mine you want. Please, take as much time as you need to sift through the 7 boxes of stuff I own. Keep anything you want. It’s yours upon my death.

If you’ve left anything behind, please send it to Elyse. She has next dibs. Then Celeste, then Sarah, then Kayli. “…then whatevers leff goes to a charity or something.”

I’m screaming. “Hopefully I won’t be dying soon.”

Well, I think I can leave it at that this week. Its quality content.

By this time next week, I’ll have returned from DESTINATION #8 in my travels. I cannot wait for it to come, I can’t wait to tell you all about it. It’s wild one.

I have to go do my homework now. I got sidetracked and thought about the will thing.
Wish me luck this week and watch The Lighthouse or Shutter Island in preparation for the tales of DESTIE #8.