New Photography

Wellll, my intention was to use MoMA for support on discovering the newest achievements and individuals in the photography world. But their most recent New Photography exhibit online is from 2018. Boo.

So I just Googled. It’s the best I could do since I don’t know anything about photography, or photographers, or the realm around it. Which I suppose, given my previous interest, should change. Starting now.

I don’t really know how to research, or what to write about New Photography. So here are some beautiful photos I found from really interesting photographers. Enjoy.

Shuwei for Vogue China
Natalie Kucken
Ottilie Landmark
Cherry Au
Laurence Philomene

This week is Beautiful Women. I see them, I know them, I am one, so this should be pretty alright.

Wish me luck this week and let me know your top choices for the Beautiful Women in your world.